100 Games to Play with a Stick [A Hilarious Parody Book & Gag Gift]

41y0HYnBf+L. AC41Nbq81SjZL. AC41d4PacfSwL. AC31QvszjAroL. AC41jW5YzGNVL. AC31011hZU 9L. AC, It’s a book. It’s a game. It’s a book of 100 games to play with a stick. This is not your typical book of fun outdoor games, nor is it a children’s book. 100 Games To Play With A Stick is a hilarious satire of games inspired by simpler times and an example of games that you probably shouldn’t play. It’s a great gag gift, coffee table book or toilet reader. Super gift-able for those with a great sense of humor.
This is NOT a children’s book or a normal series of fun outdoor games. Far from it
It’s a collection of 100 games that you can supposedly play with a stick inspired by simpler times when all you needed was a long summer day and a few good sticks
You probably shouldn’t really play these. Just use your imagination
Hardcover book with 112 pages and original line artwork throughout
From the creators of Drunk Stoned or Stupid game & You Laugh You Drink game
Skill level: beginner, $14.00, $14.00 - $11.90


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