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Reasons to Take a Brooklyn Tour


Reasons to Take a Brooklyn Tour

For decades, Brooklyn has been a destination for black Americans, and the city has a proud history of sports and entertainment. Many notable sports figures have been born and raised in the city, including Vince Lombardi, Joe Paternitis, and Michael Tyson. The Brooklyn Dodgers played their games in the intimate Ebbets Field. Sports were a big draw for Brooklyn, but the Dodgers’ 1957 move to Los Angeles was a major blow to civic pride. In fact, the Brooklyn Dodgers’ departure coincided with the city’s decline in manufacturing, which fell by half from 1954 to 1990.

A diverse cultural scene is another reason to visit Brooklyn. Many of the city’s iconic works were influenced by the region, and Brooklyn is no exception. In addition to the Brooklyn Museum, the city is home to the renowned BAM Rose Cinema and the 2,109-seat Howard Gilman Opera House. And for the perfect nightcap, you can take in the Brooklyn Ballet and the world-renowned BAM Theater. It’s the perfect spot for an intimate evening out.

Brooklyn-style pizza uses bread with high-gluten content. The crust is thinner than New York-style pizza, but the crust is arguably crispier. Brooklyn pizza uses a blend of half Mozzarella and half Provolone cheese. The mozzarella content is greater than the provolone content. Typical toppings for a classic pizza include pepperoni, onions, meatballs, and basil leaves. And since it’s more expensive, it’s recommended to order more than one pizza at a time, and eat them in the comfort of your home.

The ethnic press in Brooklyn is strong. There are about three hundred non-English-language ethnic newspapers in the city, with several being national, and one having its headquarters in downtown Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s Greek-owned diners are also scattered throughout the borough. For many, Brooklyn is the perfect destination for their cultural tastes. It has something for everyone. So, if you are a foodie, head down to Little Poland and get the taste of a traditional Polish meal.

Brooklyn is largely Democratic. While there are pockets of Republican influence, most political offices are controlled by Democrats. Democrat John Kerry received 74.9 percent of votes in the last presidential election, while Republican George W. Bush won 24.3 percent of votes in the same election. The Democratic Party’s platform centers around education, affordable housing, and economic development. The Democratic Party is the political party of choice in Brooklyn, but there is a small minority of Republicans in areas such as Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

In 1881, Brooklyn became a manufacturing center. Its port handled more tons of goods than the port of Manhattan, and sugar refining became the city’s largest industry. Other industries included ironworks, petroleum refineries, and slaughterhouses. The city had several factories making clocks, teddy bears, electrical signs, and cigars. After the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn lost its status as a manufacturing center. Since then, the city’s population has remained relatively stable, and its connections to New York City have only increased.

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