Are There Any Famous Movies Or TV Shows Filmed In Brooklyn?

Brooklyn, the vibrant borough of New York City, has provided the picturesque backdrop for countless iconic movies and TV shows over the years. From the bustling streets of Williamsburg to the charming brownstones of Park Slope, Brooklyn has become a go-to location for filmmakers looking to capture the unique energy and character of this vibrant borough. Whether it’s the gritty realism of Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” or the nostalgic charm of the hit TV series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Brooklyn has showcased its diverse neighborhoods and rich cultural tapestry on the silver screen like no other. So, if you’ve ever wondered if any famous movies or TV shows were filmed in Brooklyn, we’re here to tell you: you bet there are!

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Famous Movies Filmed in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has served as the backdrop for numerous iconic movies throughout the years. These films not only showcased the beauty and character of the borough but also helped put Brooklyn on the map as a premiere filming location. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous movies filmed in Brooklyn.

Moonstruck (1987)

Starring Cher and Nicholas Cage, “Moonstruck” is a romantic comedy set in the heart of Brooklyn. This classic film takes viewers on a journey through the streets of the borough, capturing the essence of Brooklyn’s vibrant neighborhoods. From the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the picturesque brownstone-lined streets, “Moonstruck” beautifully captures the charm and allure of Brooklyn.

The French Connection (1971)

“The French Connection,” a gripping crime thriller, was largely shot on location in Brooklyn. The film follows two New York City detectives as they track down a French heroin smuggling operation. With its gritty portrayal of the borough, “The French Connection” offers a raw and authentic look at Brooklyn in the 1970s. From its bustling streets to its iconic landmarks, the film perfectly captures the essence of the borough during this era.

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

“Saturday Night Fever” is a disco-era classic that showcases the vibrant nightlife of Brooklyn. Starring John Travolta, the film takes place in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and provides a glimpse into the disco culture that dominated the borough during the late 1970s. With its electrifying soundtrack and vibrant dance scenes, “Saturday Night Fever” captures the energy and excitement of Brooklyn’s bustling social scene.

Goodfellas (1990)

Directed by Martin Scorsese, “Goodfellas” is a gritty crime drama that takes viewers deep into the heart of Brooklyn’s mob culture. The film follows the rise and fall of Henry Hill, a young aspiring gangster, and provides an unflinching look at the criminal underworld of the borough. From its iconic scenes shot in Red Hook to its portrayal of the Brooklyn streets, “Goodfellas” offers a hauntingly realistic depiction of Brooklyn’s seedy underbelly.

Do the Right Thing (1989)

Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” is a powerful exploration of racial tensions in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Set against the backdrop of a scorching summer day, the film delves into the complexities of race and systemic injustice. With its thought-provoking storyline and compelling characters, “Do the Right Thing” remains a seminal work in Brooklyn’s cinematic history, shedding light on important social issues that continue to resonate today.

The Warriors (1979)

“The Warriors” is a cult classic that takes viewers on a thrilling and action-packed journey through the streets of Brooklyn. The film follows a gang as they navigate their way back to their home turf in Coney Island, facing numerous challenges and rival gangs along the way. With its gritty portrayal of the borough’s urban landscape, “The Warriors” has become synonymous with Brooklyn’s edgy and rebellious spirit.

Iconic TV Shows Filmed in Brooklyn

In addition to its rich history in film, Brooklyn has also been home to several popular TV shows. These shows have not only showcased the unique character of the borough but have also contributed to its growing reputation as a premier filming location. Let’s explore some of the iconic TV shows filmed in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-present)

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a beloved sitcom that follows the antics of the fictional 99th precinct of the New York City Police Department. Set in the diverse and bustling neighborhood of Brooklyn, the show combines comedy and crime-solving in a lighthearted and entertaining manner. With its witty writing and lovable characters, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, putting Brooklyn in the spotlight as an ideal setting for a TV show.

Girls (2012-2017)

Created and written by Lena Dunham, “Girls” offers a raw and honest portrayal of the lives of four young women living in Brooklyn. Set in the trendy and artistic neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, the show explores the trials and tribulations of navigating adulthood in the modern world. From its hipster coffee shops to its vibrant street art, “Girls” captures the essence of Brooklyn’s youthful energy and creative spirit.

The Deuce (2017-2019)

Set in the gritty world of the 1970s New York City sex industry, “The Deuce” takes viewers back in time to the streets of Brooklyn. The show portrays the rise of the pornographic industry in Times Square, with many scenes filmed in the borough. From its atmospheric street shots to its authentic period detail, “The Deuce” transports viewers to a bygone era and provides a fascinating glimpse into Brooklyn’s past.

Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014)

While “Boardwalk Empire” is primarily set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the show has significant connections to Brooklyn. The series, which revolves around the Prohibition era and the rise of organized crime, features several prominent Brooklyn characters and storylines. Brooklyn’s iconic landmarks and neighborhoods make appearances throughout the show, further solidifying the borough’s role in the narrative.

Blue Bloods (2010-present)

“Blue Bloods” is a long-running police procedural drama that centers around a multi-generational family of New York City police officers. While the show is set primarily in Manhattan, Brooklyn is frequently featured as a backdrop for various scenes. From its gritty portrayal of Brooklyn’s streets to its exploration of the borough’s diverse communities, “Blue Bloods” portrays the unique character of Brooklyn within the context of a larger cityscape.

Power (2014-2020)

“Power,” a critically acclaimed crime drama, showcases the darker side of Brooklyn’s underworld. The show follows James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a nightclub owner and drug lord, as he navigates the treacherous criminal landscape of New York City. With its intense storylines and compelling characters, “Power” offers a glimpse into Brooklyn’s gritty and dangerous underbelly, portraying the borough as a complex and multifaceted character in its own right.

Brooklyn as a Filming Location

Brooklyn’s appeal as a filming location extends far beyond its appearances in specific movies and TV shows. The borough offers a unique combination of rich cinematic history, diverse neighborhoods, distinctive architecture, urban and gritty vibes, and a vibrant cultural and artistic hub. Let’s explore these aspects in more detail.

Rich Cinematic History

Brooklyn has a long and storied history of playing host to the film industry. From the earliest days of silent films to the golden age of Hollywood and beyond, the borough has provided a backdrop for countless movies and TV shows. This rich cinematic history has not only contributed to Brooklyn’s cultural heritage but has also helped shape the identity of the borough as a premier filming location.

Diverse Neighborhoods

One of the key attractions for filmmakers in Brooklyn is its diverse range of neighborhoods. From the historic brownstone-lined streets of Park Slope to the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere of Williamsburg, each neighborhood offers its own unique charm and character. This diversity allows filmmakers to capture a wide range of settings and create authentic portrayals of various communities within the borough.

Distinctive Architecture

Brooklyn’s architecture is another significant draw for filmmakers. From its iconic brownstones and row houses to its industrial warehouses and modern high-rises, the borough offers a diverse array of architectural styles. This architectural variety provides filmmakers with a range of options when creating their visual narratives, allowing them to showcase different eras, aesthetics, and moods.

Urban and Gritty Vibes

Brooklyn’s urban landscape and gritty vibes have long been a source of inspiration for filmmakers. The borough’s unique blend of concrete jungles, bustling streets, and vibrant street art lends itself well to stories set in urban environments. Whether it’s capturing the energy of a crowded subway station or the edginess of a back-alley chase scene, Brooklyn’s urban atmosphere adds depth and authenticity to on-screen narratives.

Cultural and Artistic Hub

Brooklyn has been at the forefront of cultural and artistic movements for decades, making it a natural hub for filmmakers looking to tap into the borough’s creative energy. From its world-renowned art galleries and music venues to its thriving theater scene and independent film festivals, Brooklyn offers a wealth of cultural resources for filmmakers to draw upon. This vibrant cultural landscape infuses the borough with an unmistakable artistic spirit that can be felt in many on-screen portrayals.

Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO

When it comes to iconic landmarks in Brooklyn, few can rival the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). These locations have not only become synonymous with the borough but have also played significant roles in various movies and TV shows. Let’s take a closer look at their on-screen appearances.

Iconic Landmarks in Movies

The Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO have been featured in numerous movies, leaving an indelible mark on the collective cinematic consciousness. These iconic landmarks provide filmmakers with stunning visuals and a sense of grandeur that adds depth and authenticity to their narratives. From wide shots capturing the bridge’s magnificence to intimate scenes set against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO have become integral elements of many memorable movie moments.

The Brooklyn Bridge in Films

The Brooklyn Bridge has appeared in countless films, serving as a symbol of New York City’s grandeur and resilience. Its sweeping views of the East River and Manhattan skyline have made it a favorite location for filmmakers seeking to capture the city’s iconic beauty. From romantic comedies like “Moonstruck” to action-packed thrillers like “Spider-Man,” the Brooklyn Bridge has provided filmmakers with a visually stunning setting for a wide range of stories and genres.

DUMBO’s On-Screen Appearances

DUMBO, with its cobblestone streets and breathtaking views of the Manhattan Bridge, has become a go-to location for filmmakers looking to capture a quintessentially Brooklyn aesthetic. Its industrial past and artistic present make it a visually compelling backdrop for on-screen narratives. Films such as “Once Upon a Time in America” and “The Adjustment Bureau” have utilized DUMBO’s unique atmosphere to evoke a sense of nostalgia and authenticity, cementing its status as a beloved filming location.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint

Williamsburg and Greenpoint, two neighboring neighborhoods in northern Brooklyn, have become synonymous with hipster culture and artistic living. These vibrant and gentrified areas have served as the backdrop for numerous TV shows and movies. Let’s delve into the unique on-screen portrayals of Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Gentrified Neighborhoods on Screen

Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s transformation from working-class enclaves to trendy neighborhoods has been reflected in their on-screen portrayals. Films and TV shows set in these areas often capture the clash of old and new, showcasing the tensions that arise as gentrification takes hold. This dynamic provides a rich backdrop for storytelling, allowing filmmakers to explore themes of urban development, cultural identity, and the impact of change.

Hipster Culture and Artistic Setting

Williamsburg and Greenpoint have become synonymous with hipster culture, attracting artists, musicians, and creative individuals from around the world. This vibrant artistic setting has been showcased in films such as “Girls” and “Frances Ha,” which delve into the struggles and aspirations of young artists navigating life in a rapidly changing city. The neighborhoods’ bohemian atmosphere and thriving arts scene have made them ideal settings for stories exploring youth, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams.

TV Shows and Movies Set in Williamsburg/Greenpoint

Williamsburg and Greenpoint have been featured prominently in several TV shows and movies, setting the stage for stories that explore the unique character of these neighborhoods. In addition to “Girls,” mentioned earlier, shows like “Master of None” and “Broad City” have also used Williamsburg and Greenpoint as backdrops for their humorous and relatable portrayals of young people navigating life in the city. These shows capture the spirit of the neighborhoods and offer a glimpse into the daily lives of their eclectic residents.

Coney Island

Coney Island, a historic amusement park in Brooklyn, has served as a vibrant and iconic backdrop for numerous movies and TV shows. Its rich history, nostalgic charm, and vibrant atmosphere have made it a popular location for filmmakers seeking to infuse their narratives with a sense of joy, wonder, and nostalgia. Let’s explore some notable on-screen appearances of Coney Island.

Historical and Vibrant Amusement Park

Coney Island’s amusement park has been a fixture of Brooklyn’s cultural landscape for over a century. Its iconic rides, classic boardwalk, and colorful attractions have made it a symbol of summer fun and Americana. This distinct blend of history and vibrancy provides an ideal backdrop for filmmakers looking to evoke a sense of nostalgia and excitement.

Movies and TV Shows Featuring Coney Island

Coney Island has provided the setting for several notable movies and TV shows. In “Annie Hall,” the iconic beach scenes were filmed at Coney Island, capturing the magic and romance of a summertime love affair. “Requiem for a Dream” explores the bleaker side of Coney Island, depicting the struggles of addiction against the backdrop of the amusement park’s faded grandeur. Additionally, shows like “The Sopranos” and “Mr. Robot” have featured Coney Island in their narratives, lending an air of intrigue and quirkiness to their respective storylines.


Bushwick, a neighborhood in northern Brooklyn, has emerged as an emerging filming location in recent years. Its industrial landscapes, diverse communities, and gritty urban vibe have made it a popular choice for independent filmmakers looking to capture a raw and authentic New York City setting. Let’s take a closer look at Bushwick’s role in film.

Emerging Filming Location

As Brooklyn’s popularity as a filming location has grown, filmmakers have looked beyond the borough’s well-known neighborhoods to find new and authentic settings. Bushwick, with its unique blend of industrial architecture, diverse communities, and vibrant street art, has become a go-to location for independent filmmakers seeking a visually striking and gritty backdrop for their stories.

Indie Films and Urban Settings in Bushwick

Bushwick’s urban landscape and unfiltered aesthetic have appealed to independent filmmakers looking to capture the essence of the borough’s diverse neighborhoods. Films like “Bushwick” and “The Belko Experiment” utilize the neighborhood’s unconventional beauty to heighten the tension and authenticity of their narratives. By showcasing Bushwick’s distinct character and atmosphere, these films contribute to the growing reputation of the neighborhood as a burgeoning hub for independent filmmaking.

Notable Filming Locations in Brooklyn

In addition to the specific neighborhoods we’ve explored, Brooklyn is home to several other notable filming locations that have played significant roles in movies and TV shows. Let’s take a look at some of these locations.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s answer to Central Park, has provided filmmakers with a lush and expansive backdrop for their narratives. From family-friendly adventures like “Enchanted” to gritty crime dramas like “Birdman,” Prospect Park’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes have made it a versatile and visually stunning setting for a wide range of stories.

Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy Yard, a historic industrial complex, has been utilized in numerous films to depict gritty and atmospheric urban settings. From “Revolutionary Road” to “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” the Navy Yard’s authentic industrial structures and preserved relics have contributed to the visual richness and authenticity of these films.

Barclays Center

As the home of the Brooklyn Nets and numerous major events, Barclays Center has become an instantly recognizable landmark within the borough. Its modern architecture and vibrant atmosphere have been incorporated into several movies and TV shows, including “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Gossip Girl,” contributing to the portrayal of Brooklyn as a dynamic and contemporary urban landscape.

Red Hook

Red Hook, located on the western edge of Brooklyn, has a distinct character that has drawn filmmakers seeking an offbeat and gritty setting. The neighborhood’s industrial warehouses and waterfront views have played prominent roles in movies like “On the Waterfront” and “American Gangster,” portraying Red Hook as a place of intrigue, danger, and hidden depths.

Brooklyn’s Influence on Filmmaking

Brooklyn’s influence on filmmaking extends far beyond its appearances on the screen. The borough’s unique character and rich cultural heritage have inspired countless filmmakers and influenced the industry in numerous ways. Let’s explore some of the ways in which Brooklyn has left its mark on the world of film.

Inspiration from Authenticity

Brooklyn’s authenticity and diverse neighborhoods have provided a wellspring of inspiration for filmmakers. The borough’s distinct blend of history, architecture, and communities has sparked creativity and infused on-screen narratives with a sense of realism and depth. By drawing from the borough’s unique character, filmmakers have been able to create immersive and relatable stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Showcasing Diversity

Brooklyn’s vibrant and diverse communities have also contributed to the industry’s push for better representation and inclusion. Through their portrayals of different neighborhoods and cultures within the borough, filmmakers have been able to showcase the rich tapestry of voices and experiences that make up Brooklyn. By shining a light on these communities, Brooklyn has played a significant role in fostering a more inclusive and diverse landscape in film.

Fostering Independent Filmmaking

Brooklyn’s thriving independent film scene has provided a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work and gain recognition. The borough’s supportive arts community, independent theaters, and film festivals have created an environment that nurtures creativity and fosters the growth of local talent. As a result, Brooklyn has become a hub for independent filmmakers, contributing to the vibrancy and diversity of the industry as a whole.

Contributing to New York’s Film Industry

Brooklyn’s prominence as a filming location has also had a significant impact on New York City’s film industry. The borough’s appeal to filmmakers has contributed to the growth of the city’s production infrastructure, creating jobs and economic opportunities within the local community. As Brooklyn continues to attract filmmakers from around the world, its thriving film industry plays a vital role in the city’s cultural and economic landscape.


From the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the vibrant neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn has established itself as a premier filming location. The borough’s rich cinematic history, diverse communities, distinctive architecture, and vibrant cultural scene have made it a magnet for filmmakers seeking authenticity, diversity, and visual richness. Brooklyn’s influence on the world of film goes beyond its appearances on screen. It has inspired filmmakers, showcased its rich cultural heritage, fostered independent filmmaking, and contributed to the growth of the larger New York City film industry. Brooklyn’s charm and allure continue to captivate audiences and filmmakers alike, ensuring its enduring place in cinematic history.

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