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PLOT TWIST: it’s a best of the cliffhangers comp
We put together some of the most shocking cliffhangers from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Whether it’s Jake and Holt’s move to Florida or Jake going to jail (cool cool cool), it’s here. Did we miss your favourite cliffhanger moment? Let us know in the comments!

From Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the NBC series revolving around Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), a New York City Police Department (NYPD) detective in Brooklyn’s fictional 99th Precinct, who often comes into conflict with his commanding officer, the serious and stern Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher). The series also stars Terry Crews as Sargeant Terry Jeffords, Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago, Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz, Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti and Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle.

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