BROOKLYN T-SHIRTS! WHERE CAN I GET ONE? THERE ARE 100’S OF DESIGNS RELATED TO BROOKLYN RIGHT HERE. You can search all over the Internet and still not find what you’re looking for.

Our page has them all.

I live in Florida now and wear either a Brooklyn T shirt or wear my NY Giants Baseball cap (OK The Giants are in NJ, who cares!).

People see the shirt & ask me where I lived in Brooklyn

T-shirts are a great way to show something distinctive and unique. It’s a lot harder to forget where you picked up that unique Brooklyn design than the ones you bought at Target or Walmart.

Unlike other souvenirs, T shirts with an image or text are likely to start a conversation. It’s easier to share your experiences with clothing than with other souvenirs, because clothing is something you need no matter what.

Our page is a link to over a hundred different designs you can choose from plus links to where you can buy other Brooklyn gifts.

Check us out at and see what we have to offer.

Before you leave I want to point out two possible scams floating around on social media. When you are looking to purchase anything online be careful. In the last few months I have found two that MAY be possible concerns

1) T-SHIRTS FOR SALE: There are people who have joined many of the Brooklyn Groups that sell T-Shirts. Please check out when they joined and where they are located, are they real (my company Many joined FB in the recent months and are overseas. Be warned, will they deliver? What’s their guarantee? Is the shirt a quality shirt or a cheap knock off?

2) BROOKLYN CRUISES: There is someone or a group hyping a Brooklyn reunion cruise leaving South Florida in October 2022. For those who don’t live in South Florida (I do) this is the peak of the hurricane season! You don’t want to be on a boat in a hurricane (I speak as I did this in my ”yoot”). Plus, many of the medical experts (including Dr Fauci (a Brooklyn guy)) are calling for a resurgence of Covid in the fall. Before you sign up, call the local police dept where the person(s) lives and ask if the person is a concern, is on any watch lists, etc. Check the person(s) out on Social Media, scroll down through their posts, what are their accomplishments, etc. We all want a relief from this crazy world we live in but you don’t want to be on a cruise ship during the high point of the hurricane season.

And before you leave please check out our Brooklyn web page at

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