Burning Man, but make it Brooklyn

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Black Rock can keep its dusty Burning Man. Brooklyn has the heavy metal Mecha Sonic Sessions right here in Gowanus.

A DIY, multi-sensory affair that blends music and science — fire and brimstone — the two day event is a carnival of home-made instruments, science experiments and outré performances, all housed in a fully-functioning industrial metal shop near the Smith and Ninth Street subway stop.

Mecha Sonic 2023 @DanielEfram 051923 nyc 04501 scaled 2

Fire The Band. From left: Erica Mancini, Dan Brantigan, Chris Schultz, Chris Cortier, Stefan Zeniuk, Tuba Joe Exley Jaclyn Atkinson on horse (Photo by Daniel Efram)

Included in the mix May 19 and 20 was a musical thunderstorm, flaming harp Tesla coils, pyro-sonic installations and even a high-voltage illusionist act. Attendees treated to a gigantic percussive Mahler box — a 7-foot monster bashed with a 20-pound hammer fashioned out of a humongous log and named for the Austro-Bohemian Romantic composer who created it for his sixth symphony.

For the more harmonically minded, there was a human organ act: 100-year-old organ pipes fitted with attachments that allowed revelers utilize the repurposed tools.

Mecha Sonic 2023 @DanielEfram 051923 nyc 04064 scaled 2

Caitlin Cawley plays te Human Organ (Photo by Daniel Efram)

“It’s beautiful to see the flabbergasted look on peoples faces with each new and bizarre contraption or act,” says organizer Dan Glass, who actually built many of the instruments on display.

Launched in 2019 by Glass, a veteran Burner, along with musician Stefan Zubiak and Chris Cortier (who literally brought the fire), the Mecha Sonic Sessions had been on a Covid-forced hiatus in 2020 and ‘21, only to return last year. The third-ever incarnation of the event went down late last month. Here are a few scenes from the bacchanal, which also included performances by ensembles with names like Forge Music, Special Head, Y&I, Iron Egg, Mecha Jazz Zilla and many more.

Mecha Sonic 2023 @DanielEfram 051923 nyc 04346 scaled 2

Jaclyn Atkinson (Photo by Daniel Efram)

“We want people to wonder what the hell is going to happen next!” says Glass. Find out for yourself, when The Mecha Sonic Sessions return next year.

Mecha Sonic 2023 @DanielEfram 051923 nyc 03554 Enhanced NR scaled 2

Sage Sovereign and James Telfer (Photo by Daniel Efram)

Mecha Sonic 2023 @DanielEfram 051923 nyc 03944 Enhanced NR scaled 2

‘Pop Music’: Suzanne Hyde and Dan Glass (Photo by Daniel Efram)

Mecha Sonic 2023 @DanielEfram 052023 nyc 05016 1 scaled 2

Fire the Band (Photo by Daniel Efram)

Mecha Sonic 2023 @DanielEfram 052023 nyc 05074 scaled 2

Erica Mancini (Photo by Daniel Efram)

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