How Do I Get Around Brooklyn Without A Car?

Brooklyn, known for its vibrant neighborhoods and bustling streets, may seem daunting to navigate without a car. But fret not, as we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will uncover the secrets of getting around Brooklyn without the need for a car. From the extensive subway system to the iconic yellow taxis, along with an array of alternative transportation options, you will soon discover that exploring Brooklyn is not only easy but also an adventure waiting to happen. So buckle up, or rather, get ready for a car-free journey through this diverse borough of New York City!

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Public Transportation


As residents of Brooklyn, we are fortunate to have access to a convenient and reliable subway system. The subway is an excellent option for getting around the borough quickly and efficiently. With numerous subway lines serving different neighborhoods, we can easily reach our desired destinations. Whether we need to commute to work, visit friends, or explore the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, the subway is an essential mode of public transportation.


In addition to the subway, the bus system in Brooklyn offers another great way to get around. The buses in the borough operate on a comprehensive network of routes, providing convenient access to various neighborhoods. The buses run frequently and are equipped with comfortable seating and air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable journey. Whether we are traveling within Brooklyn or need to venture beyond its borders, the bus system is a convenient and cost-effective option.


For those who enjoy a scenic commute, the ferry service in Brooklyn is a fantastic option. Three ferry routes, including the South Brooklyn, East River, and Rockaway routes, provide stunning views of the city skyline and waterways. Not only is riding the ferry a picturesque experience, but it also offers a convenient means of transportation. With frequent schedules and comfortable seating, the ferry allows us to travel to various destinations in and around Brooklyn while enjoying the beauty of the waterfront.


Citi Bike

Cycling is a popular mode of transportation in Brooklyn, and one of the most convenient options is Citi Bike. Citi Bike is a bike-sharing program that allows us to rent bicycles for short trips. With docking stations located throughout the borough, we can easily find and unlock bicycles using the Citi Bike app. This service is not only a convenient way to travel, but it also promotes a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Personal Bike

If we own a personal bike, Brooklyn offers a bike-friendly environment with numerous bike lanes and paths. Riding our own bikes allows us to have more flexibility and control over our commute. Whether we are biking to work, running errands, or simply enjoying the scenic routes in Brooklyn, using our personal bikes is a convenient and enjoyable mode of transportation.

Bike Lanes

Brooklyn is known for its extensive network of bike lanes, making it safer and more accessible for cyclists. The borough has implemented dedicated lanes, protected lanes, and shared lanes to accommodate cyclists of all skill levels. These bike lanes ensure that we can navigate the streets of Brooklyn with ease and confidence. Riding in designated bike lanes not only enhances our safety but also promotes a friendly and harmonious relationship between cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles.


Pedestrian-Friendly Neighborhoods

Brooklyn boasts numerous pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, making walking an excellent option for short distances. Areas like Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and Williamsburg feature bustling streets with vibrant shops, cafes, and attractions within walking distance. The well-maintained sidewalks, crosswalks, and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure in these neighborhoods ensure a pleasant and safe walking experience.

Exploring on Foot

Exploring Brooklyn on foot is a fantastic way to immerse ourselves in the local culture and discover hidden gems. From picturesque brownstone-lined streets to lively street markets, Brooklyn offers a plethora of sights and experiences waiting to be explored. Strolling through neighborhoods, such as DUMBO, Red Hook, and Greenpoint, allows us to appreciate the unique charm and diversity of Brooklyn from up close.

Ridesharing and Taxis


Ridesharing services like Uber have revolutionized transportation in Brooklyn. With just a few taps on our smartphones, we can request a ride to our desired destination within minutes. Uber offers a convenient and reliable option for those times when public transportation or walking may not be the most feasible choice. Whether we have a tight schedule, heavy luggage, or simply prefer the comfort of a door-to-door service, Uber provides a hassle-free transportation solution.


In addition to Uber, Lyft is another popular ridesharing service that operates in Brooklyn. Like Uber, Lyft connects riders with drivers through a user-friendly app, offering a similar level of convenience and accessibility. Lyft drivers are known for their friendly and professional service, making our travel experience comfortable and enjoyable. Whether we need to catch a flight, attend a special event, or simply get from point A to point B quickly, Lyft is a reliable option.


Traditional taxis are still a prevalent mode of transportation in Brooklyn. Hailing a taxi from the street or finding one at a designated taxi stand is a familiar sight in the borough. Taxis offer a convenient option for those who prefer to travel in a licensed and regulated vehicle. While taxis may have slightly higher fares compared to ridesharing services, they provide the assurance of a professional and familiar transportation experience.

Car Rental

Traditional Car Rental

For those occasions when we need a car for an extended period or to travel outside of Brooklyn, traditional car rental services are readily available. Multiple rental agencies operate in Brooklyn, offering a wide selection of vehicles to suit varying needs and preferences. Renting a car allows us the freedom to explore beyond the borders of Brooklyn and embark on road trips to nearby destinations.

Car Sharing Services

An alternative to traditional car rental is car-sharing services such as Zipcar and Turo. These services allow us to rent cars by the hour or day, providing a flexible and cost-effective transportation solution. With numerous pick-up and drop-off locations throughout Brooklyn, car sharing offers convenience without the commitment of owning a car. Car sharing is an excellent option for occasional drivers or those who prefer not to deal with the responsibilities and costs associated with car ownership.


Online Carpool Platforms

Carpooling platforms such as BlaBlaCar and ridesharing apps with carpooling options provide a convenient and environmentally friendly means of transportation. These platforms connect drivers with passengers who are traveling in the same direction, allowing them to share the ride and split the costs. Carpooling not only reduces traffic congestion but also minimizes the carbon footprint. By joining an online carpool platform, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable Brooklyn.

Joining Local Carpool Groups

In addition to online platforms, joining local carpool groups can offer an opportunity to connect with fellow commuters and neighbors. Many organizations, workplaces, and community groups in Brooklyn facilitate carpooling initiatives to promote sustainable transportation options. By participating in local carpool groups, we can foster community bonds while reducing our reliance on single-occupancy vehicles. Carpooling also provides a social and cost-saving aspect to commuting, making it a win-win solution.

Using Rollerblades or Skateboard

Choosing the Right Equipment

For those seeking a more unconventional form of transportation, rollerblades or skateboards can offer a fun and efficient way to get around Brooklyn. When choosing rollerblades or skateboards, it is important to consider factors such as comfort, maneuverability, and durability. Opting for well-fitting protective gear, including helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads, is crucial to ensure our safety while enjoying these active means of transportation.

Safety Tips

When using rollerblades or skateboards in Brooklyn, it is vital to abide by safety guidelines to avoid accidents and injuries. Always wear protective gear, adhere to traffic rules, and be mindful of pedestrians and other road users. Choosing well-maintained routes, such as bike lanes and designated skate parks, reduces the risk of collisions. By practicing responsible and safe rollerblading or skateboarding, we can confidently navigate the streets of Brooklyn while enjoying the thrill of these recreational alternatives.

Hiring a Private Chauffeur

Booking a Chauffeur Service

For a more luxurious and hassle-free mode of transportation, hiring a private chauffeur service is a viable option in Brooklyn. Numerous companies offer chauffeur services for various occasions, including airport transfers, special events, and corporate transportation. Booking a chauffeur service ensures that we can travel in style and comfort, with professional drivers familiar with the streets of Brooklyn. The convenience of door-to-door service and personalized attention makes hiring a private chauffeur a convenient and indulgent choice.


When considering hiring a private chauffeur in Brooklyn, it is essential to research and select a reputable company. Reading reviews, comparing prices, and checking the credentials of the drivers and vehicles can help ensure a reliable and safe experience. It is also important to communicate our specific requirements and itinerary to the chauffeur service to receive personalized and tailored transportation service. By considering these factors, we can enjoy a stress-free and luxurious ride throughout Brooklyn.

Local Shuttle Services

Brooklyn Navy Yard Shuttle

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Shuttle is a free service that transports visitors and employees throughout the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This convenient shuttle operates on weekdays and offers a simple way to navigate the vast industrial complex. Whether we are heading to work, visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s attractions, or exploring the area, the shuttle service provides a reliable and accessible mode of transportation within this unique and historic area.

Williamsburg Loop

The Williamsburg Loop is another local shuttle service available in Brooklyn. This hop-on, hop-off shuttle service traverses popular destinations within Williamsburg, such as Bedford Avenue, McCarren Park, and the Brooklyn Brewery. It offers a convenient option for residents and visitors to explore this vibrant neighborhood and access its attractions, dining establishments, and shopping areas. The Williamsburg Loop is an efficient and cost-effective way to experience the lively and artistic atmosphere of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg district.

Using Alternative Forms of Transportation

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have gained popularity worldwide as a fun and eco-friendly means of transportation, and Brooklyn is no exception. These battery-powered scooters offer a convenient way to zip around the borough. Companies like Lime and Bird provide app-based rental services for electric scooters, allowing users to locate and unlock them with ease. Whether we are commuting to work or exploring Brooklyn’s scenic paths, electric scooters offer a thrilling and efficient way to get around.


Hoverboards, or self-balancing scooters, provide a unique and futuristic mode of transportation in Brooklyn. These compact and portable devices are battery-powered and offer a hands-free riding experience. Hoverboards are particularly popular among younger residents and provide a fun and exciting way to travel short distances. However, it is crucial to consider local regulations and safety precautions when using hoverboards on public roads and sidewalks.


Segways, the self-balancing personal transporters, are another alternative form of transportation available in Brooklyn. These electric vehicles are ideal for exploring the borough while covering more ground than walking. Segway tours offer a guided and informative experience, allowing us to discover Brooklyn’s highlights with the assistance of knowledgeable tour guides. Whether we choose a guided tour or rent a Segway for personal use, this unique mode of transportation provides a fun and efficient way to navigate the streets of Brooklyn.

In conclusion, Brooklyn provides a diverse range of transportation options for residents and visitors alike. From well-connected subway and bus systems to efficient bike-sharing programs, there are plenty of ways to get around without a car. Whether we prefer the convenience of ridesharing services, the freedom of biking, or the leisurely pace of walking, Brooklyn offers a multitude of transportation choices to suit every individual’s needs and preferences. By utilizing the comprehensive transportation network in Brooklyn, we can explore the borough, commute to work, and experience everything it has to offer without the need for a car.

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