RoWood Marble Run 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults, Mechanical Model Kits, Christmas Birthday Gifts for Teens- Marble Night City

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Product Description

Marble Run Night City Model KitMarble Run Night City Model Kit

Laser Cutting DIY 3D wooden ModelLaser Cutting DIY 3D wooden Model

Easy to AssembleEasy to Assemble

Mechanical & Playful Marble Run Model

Marble Night City

This DIY craft kit contains 13 pre-cut plywood sheets (assemble parts and spare parts), 1 illustrated instructions with graphics, accessory tool, inspired by Rube Goldberg Machine, aiming to perform very simple tasks through overly complex reaction device, such as breaking an egg, watching marbles run etc. Just rotate the handle, you will witness incredible and amazing mechanical engineering designs.

* Assembly Tips:

The initial assembly can be a bit troublesome and time-consuming for you. But when you finish assembly, you will gain a considerable sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Specification Model No : LGA01 Recommended Age : 14+ Number of Parts : 294 pcs Model Size : 12.8 x 8.4 x 9.0 inch Packaging Size : 12.5 x 9.2 x 1.9 inch Installation Time : 7H

Route 1Route 1

Running Route

Route 1:

Mechanical gear drives the marbles in motion.

Route 2Route 2

Running Route

Route 2:

Marbles run on the overhanging long tunnel branches.

Route 3Route 3

Running Route

Route 3:

Marbles fall into the funnel type rotary acceleration device.

Route 4Route 4

Running Route

Route 4:

Return to the starting point, static storage.

Route 1Route 1

Route 2Route 2

Route 3Route 3

Route 4Route 4

Assembly Steps

All-In-One PackageAll-In-One Package

Follow InstructionsFollow Instructions

Pop Out Needed PartsPop Out Needed Parts

Enjoy the Finished ModelEnjoy the Finished Model

Step 1

All-In-One Package

Beautiful Package.Laser-cut Wood Sheets.Steel Marbles + Accessory Tools.Illustrated English Instructions

Step 2

Follow Instructions

Pay Close Attention to the instructions before assembly. Most of them are graphical references for easy understanding.

Step 3

Pop Out Needed Parts

In case of confusion encountered during assembly, we recommend to take the needed parts by step. If you meet any problems in the process, we are very willing to offer assistance.

Step 4

Enjoy the Finished Model

Rotate the handle, watch the steel marbles run crazy down the tracks. Which is more than a marble run model toy, but also one unforgettable family moment to keep in mind .

Marble Run Series Marble Run Series

LG501 LGA01 LKB01D ST004 LG504 LK502

14+ 14+ 14+ 14+ 14+ 14+

Number of Parts
254PCS 294PCS 424PCS 314PCS 233PCS 158PCS

6 H 7H 10 H 2.5 H 6 H 4 H

Rowood Rowood Rowood Rowood Rowood Rowood

[ All New Marble Run Model ] – The 294-pcs marble run3D Wooden Puzzle Model Kit is inspired by Rube Goldberg Machine, aiming to watch marbles racing down slides full of crazy twists and turns through tricky & fun devices!
[ Multiple Ways to Play ] – This marble run wood mechanical model kit will bring you highly satisfying and educational user experience. Rotate the crank, steel marbles shall follow 3 different paths to achieve gravity fall. Every accidental or doomed choice of path will create dozens of fun to watch.
[ Elaborate Structure Design ] – Black-grey appearance, combined with metal silk-printed technology, retain the wood grain while giving it a metallic texture. Full of well-designed mechanisms and small tricks, like funnel type rotary acceleration device, swinging ball separator, etc.
[ Assembly Tips ] – Non-toxic and natural plywood sheets, together with illustrated English instructions, and necessary spare parts in case. Just be patient and after 7 hours you will make this 3d wooden puzzle for adults. We are willing to offer assistance when you meet problems.
[ STEM Project & Nice Gifts ] – Focused on the assembly of this wooden town marble run 3d wooden puzzle-model building kit is favorable to learn the fundamentals of engineering, improve kids’ hand-eye coordination. This marble run 3d puzzle model kit becomes one well-received gift choice no matter for adults, also teens, boys, girls, let alone puzzle enthusiasts., $102.98, $102.98 - $56.99


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